String Circus ... Circus with strings attached.


Music is a must for this well worn pair.


Having made it across the Pond, and after much time spent with a multitude of performances internationally in various hemispheres, they now ply their trade on Minnesotan shores.


Streamlining faultless fiddle and blazing banjo with unpractical feats of acrobatic prowess.


European inspired clown and a street theatre beat.


When they take the stage, no one can be certain of the results.  Save the chance for unparalleled entertainment.


Feel free to peruse the possibilities.


An one off act of aerial daring,

absurd manipulation and clown

or amazing equilibristics at dizzying heights.


Why not mix and match variety acts as highlights to your event?


photo credit : BDPortraits Photo Studio

Need animation and entertainment for an incredible event?


Does the possibility of tailor made or event specific entertainment interest you?


String Circus can meet many needs and provide specialty interactive character walkabouts.


Having honed their craft in Ireland, Europe, the US, and festivals in far flung points globally, String Circus has a plethora of characters in tow.  With nationally challenging attitude and confounding clowning, they perform characters with skills from inept unicycle concepts to cute contortionisms, musical mayhem and daring gravity defiance.




Holly Krinkletop

Tinsel of Goldenwood

Buggie Flutterby

Timothy Peril